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Do you want to enjoy your outdoor space without being constantly attacked by mosquitoes? We’re here to share our years of pest control expertise to offer some insights into DIY mosquito control in El Paso. While professional mosquito control is the most effective way to eliminate them, there are some DIY methods that homeowners can try themselves to help reduce their numbers. However, it’s important to keep in mind that mosquitoes have a rapid life cycle and can multiply easily, making it difficult to eliminate them completely. This blog will explore some of the realities of DIY mosquito control and provide tips and tricks for how to use these methods for best results. 

So follow us as we step into your virtual backyard to look at some possible strategies for DIY mosquito prevention and removal.

What’s the Most Likely Reason for Mosquitoes in Your Backyard?

As our mosquito experts survey your virtual backyard, one thing immediately jumps out at us. 

Standing water. It doesn’t have to be much. Even a few millimeters is enough for mosquitoes to lay eggs, so be sure to check anywhere water may gather after it rains. If you’re concerned about mosquitoes and you have a beloved birdbath, we recommend weighing whether the extra birds are worth the extra mosquitoes. Buckets and toys can collect water as well. Dumping out any and all vessels of standing water is a great low-effort way to reduce your mosquito exposure; we recommend doing it as often as possible during spring and summer.

If you have a water feature on your property that you don’t want removed, a pond for example, one ingenious eco-friendly solution is to stock it with fish that prey on mosquito larvae.

How Else Can I Keep Away Mosquitoes?

Your virtual backyard in El Paso Texas is different from someone’s down the street or someone else’s halfway across the country. That means what works in theirs might not work in yours, and vice versa. Let’s consider a few different products that are used as mosquito repellents, and when they might be useful:

  • Mosquito traps: If we’re only talking about a small space, for example an outdoor patio or deck, a mosquito trap might just be the perfect solution for you. They won’t kill off a full-blown infestation, but they can make a small area around the trap much more tolerable.
  • Citronella candles: If you’re hosting a get-together, you might take a long look at citronella candles as an option. How do you decide if they’re right for you? Simple: ask yourself if you like the smell of citronella. If yes, get the candles and enjoy the minimal mosquito-repellent qualities they provide. If you don’t care for the scent of citronella, we recommend saving your money and your olfactory responsibilities.
  • Fans: Fans can accomplish the same thing citronella candles are intended to do – protect a specific area from mosquitoes – except they’re much more effective. Mosquitoes will detour from areas with winds because their poor flying ability makes them vulnerable to predators in such areas. It doesn’t take much wind to avoid an area.
  • Repellent sprays: The advantage of sprays is it allows you to take protection with you, but how well do they work? It depends. If you’re using “all-natural” repellent sprays, the ingredient is likely similar to citronella oil. It may have some effect but likely not much. We recommend sprays with DEET or picaridin as they’re scientifically proven to be better at repelling mosquitoes.
  • Pungent plants: Do certain plants you can plant have mosquito-repellent properties? Yes, but not on a scale that will make any kind of difference. Plants are always more effective in their oil form, and even then, they’re no match for a major mosquito infestation.

The Best Choice for Mosquito Relief in the El Paso Area

In our warm climate, mosquitoes are able to breed for much of the year. That means that DIY mosquito control can turn into an endless and endlessly frustrating process, so let’s remind ourselves that DIY mosquito control is not the best method for mosquito control.

Professional mosquito control is.

When you work with Watson Pest Management, we’ll leave the virtual backyard behind and perform a comprehensive inspection of your entire front and back yard. We’ll build a custom mosquito plan that targets the active mosquitoes and works to prevent as many as possible in the next cycle. If you’re ready for results that really work this mosquito season, choose the team that’s been trusted in El Paso since 1988 – call today!

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